JX NCTI Plant Status – Monday August 28th – 11:00AM

The storm forecast is better but it will still bring much expected rain to our area.  It seems that the roads have improved marginally in some areas at best.  

We ask that employees do not report to work tomorrow (Tuesday).  We will review the forecast again in the AM to see what the prospects are for Wednesday.

Operations/Maintenance : When work is able to resume, the first tasks in the plant will be to verify that there was no damage and to load trucks for customers close to running out of product. As JX members live all over the area, the challenge of getting to work will be different for all.  Please stay in touch with your supervisor as to what your availability is.  Operators capable of loading trucks and railcars will be needed as soon as transportation re-starts.  (customers will remember & value when they are taken care of in difficult times).

Be safe & don’t take risks,