JX NCTI Plant Status – Saturday August 26th – 12PM

— JX NCTI plant status as of noon on Saturday, August 26th —

No change in plant conditions. The risk of threatening winds is not expected. Heavy rainfall (up to 25”) over the next 4 days is possible. Road flooding is our biggest concern.

Operations: As of Saturday, the earliest possibility for normal shifts to return is Sunday night. Update / decision will be made after review on Sunday morning. The first shifts to return will relieve the hurricane ride-out team and the primary focus will be on monitoring the plant, specifically boiler operation, flare operations, and sump pumps. The first shift returning to the plant will receive OT pay for their shift. Hotel accommodations will be available for those that desire them.

Other departments scheduled to work Monday day shift:   Update / decision on the work schedule will be made after review on Sunday morning.  Road flooding and driving will be the concern.

ALL: Your personal safety and your family’s safety should be your criteria for reporting to work.  When the normal work schedule resumes, if your situation is of great concern, contact your supervisor to discuss.