JX NCTI Plant Status – Tuesday January 16th – 6:10 PM

All Employees:

Unfortunately, the cold temperatures will stay below freezing until at least noon tomorrow. The sun is expected to be bright. That should help melt the roads but it is difficult to know what the condition of any specific road will be.

At this time, non-essential personnel should not plan on going to the plant until 1 PM Wednesday. We will review the conditions in the AM. Communicate with your supervisor as needed.

I encourage all to check your own personal road conditions before proceeding tomorrow. Make the safe choice. The Transtar web site is a good to check the conditions of major roads & bridges, http://traffic.houstontranstar.org/layers/ . Viewing the news just now, I se the Fred Hartman bridge is closed, I-10 west is closed, part of 225 is closed. The Kenmah-146 bridge is open with sand on it. The Beltway 8 bridge appears to be open.