JX NCTI Plant Status – Wednesday August 30th – 1:00PM


Overall, the situation is certainly improved today.  But there are many families evacuated with huge losses.  There are also many of our co-workers that are out lending a needed helpful hand.  I hope/pray for the best for all.

Work Schedules – we are asking that those that can return to work tomorrow to do so.  It is best that everyone makes contact with their supervisor to discuss their individual circumstances.  We know that several have flooding and housing issues to contend with and will not be able to return immediately. 

For non-shift personnel, we are attempting to resume a normal work schedule tomorrow on Thursday.  

For shift personnel, James, Randy & Grant are setting up a temporary work schedule that will consist of those able to work.  Temporarily, shifts will start at 7 AM & 7 PM to avoid travel during curfews.

Plant Operations– The plan is to resume shipping as soon as the highways and railroad are operational.  The SAS unit will restart on Friday.  One ENB unit will restart on Tuesday.

Hope to see everyone soon,